Here are some cool projects I've built.
You can find the rest here.



An experimental database which uses delta graph CvRDTs for masterless ad-hoc replication, and it's as cool as it sounds.


A distributed testing framework designed to simulate cataclysmic application failures, or just make sure your chat app really is live-updating.


A storage backend for GunDB built on LevelUP, making it compatible with the whole friggin' module ecosystem!


A set of utilities for managing and updating Philips Hue lights. This is the library I use to control the lights in my home :)


A little SASS library for building pretty websites. In fact, the page you're on now is using it.


Have you ever used the HTML5 canvas API? Yeah, it's awful. I built one that makes intuitive sense. My Tron game uses this library.



It's the Connect 4 game you probably played as a kid, but online and shiny. Uses GunDB and React under the hood.


Another game! This time it's Tron. Use the arrow keys (or swipe on mobile) to turn, eliminating other players as you go.

Conway's Game of Life

Don't be fooled, it's no game, rather an implementation of a popular cellular automata algorithm.


This one. isn't built off a template, it's hand-crafted HTML and CSS (using my Boilercrate library).

Geo Tagging

Famous Dribbble designer Cosmin Capitanu uploaded this PSD. I interpreted it into code.

Menu concept

Another Dribbbler, Shadman Ahmed, posted this PSD. It's now recreated in HTML & CSS.