About Me


Jesse Gibson - American computer programmer.


I am on the CoScreen team at Datadog.


Whenever the tradeoffs are reasonable, I prefer to use Free and Open Source Software instead of major technology products. These choices are reflected by my on-line presence. You won't find me on Twitter or Facebook.

ActivityPub platforms are a spark of wonder in a dark world, and Mastodon is their leader. I post under the handle @PsychoLlama@fosstodon.org (see also: Pixelfed).
Matrix is an open standard for encrypted chat. My address is @psychollama271:matrix.org. Remember, the faster we adopt Matrix, the faster XMPP can be put to rest. In hell.
All my public work is done under the username @PsychoLlama on GitHub… for now. Eagerly awaiting federation support for self-hosted alternatives.

If you haven't used Mastodon, I highly recommend it. Very few open source projects actually benefit from more users, but social media platforms are the perfect exception. It's the easiest way to contribute to something bigger.


CRDTs, Peer-to-Peer systems, terminals, CLI tools (see recommendations), and writing the occasional Vim plugin. Sometimes Stockholm Syndrome from a career in JavaScript drives interest in web development too.

When I'm not writing software, I enjoy science fiction, exploring big cities, COD, playing guitar, and thinking about writing more software.